Reclusive Intellectuals

Reclusive Intellectuals Bright intellectuals are characterized by their reclusiveness. Mysterious and intrepid stimulations through abstraction are far more revealing than pedestrian conversation. The old adage, “People suck” rings true. In what is lifetimes ago, for the less gifted, such stimulation was only found in the company of the bright, the judicious all-knowing intellectuals of a … Read more

On Limits

On Limits Limitations are your friend. Their burdens are but borders on the canvas that is the human mind, tailor made for success. Your routines, your relationships and your unbounded appreciations are all imagined and then realized within limits. It is here, upon the imposition of boundaries that ingenuity is all pervasive. They are strategy … Read more

On Stigma

On Stigma Stigma that once held society and family together are subject to much derision today. Where once the means of communal stigma were its very ends, today we are distracted from these once ‘useful constraints’ that brandished an ‘other’ when the individual strayed too far.A divergent other in historic times (and today) was a … Read more

On Resentment

On Resentment Resentment offers many perceptive advantages to the illusion that is daily life. Righteousness and moral indignation are platforms upon which a false sense of self is built. It perceives quickly, deliberates faster and concludes long before you prepared for it. Above all, it escapes all intuition in its presentation and impinges with its … Read more

Order of Realities & Mental Health

Order of Realities – Mental Health The tragedy of mental health is that it is beholden to “second-order realities.” Implicit to yet separate from second order realities is the understanding to us all of “that which is” –– a first order reality and then our sense impressions of such. “That which is,” “Truth,” “God,” are all … Read more

On Boundaries & Burdens

Boundaries & Burdens Discourse today is a contest of the powerful’s will and the weak’s apparent forthrightness and haste in appealing to their opponent’s morality or otherwise bringing to wider attention its absence. The individual’s standing is dictated by his contempt for ‘old order’ and his preference for adventure and novelty are celebrated. It is … Read more

On Truth

The Nature of Truth “Truth is pure and simply repeatable, verifiable patterns.”                                                           — Simon Baron Cohen In his book, “The Science of Evil” Baron Cohen eloquently differentiates … Read more

On Narcissism

Narcissism The fluidity of framing exercised by the narcissist is his only toolkit to navigate a treacherous world he cannot trust. “He was never allowed to become therefore he never will.” As children, we are grounded by attachment to the caregiver and orient ourselves through external object constancy. The conceptualization being that through a dependence on the … Read more

On Tradition

Tradition Traditions are profound displays of respect to the Truth of necessity. The deepest and strongest roots of the growing sapling that is society. Resolution to necessity manifests as Tradition and Tradition informs culture. Culture then, encapsulates Tradition in the same way art does meaning – akin to a talented poet adding sophistry to his … Read more