Order of Realities – Mental Health

The tragedy of mental health is that it is beholden to “second-order realities.”

Implicit to yet separate from second order realities is the understanding to us all of “that which is” –– a first order reality and then our sense impressions of such.

“That which is,” “Truth,” “God,” are all terms we employ in our efforts to gesture towards first order realities and draw others toward it. And yet they find no place in our theorizing of it and in our lectures.The phenomenon of “Truth” is just that, expansive, complex and all-encompassing and yet limited to unique, differing, personalized perception in the second order.

You will never know it as another for you will never experience it as another.It is almost as if to say, “there is no place for truth in mental health” because the parsing of the phenomenal is a phenomenon of its own and our attempts at short-circuiting that seek only to disrupt and dilapidate its significance.

Your assertions of the wisdom bravely acquired and integrated, of phenomenon all pervasive, is no truth in the face of “The Truth.”
It is not a rejection of the second-order reality unique to you but rather an attempt at a reconsideration of how unique it is to you.

A lifetime of literary work wouldn’t do it justice.