On Limits

Limitations are your friend. Their burdens are but borders on the canvas that is the human mind, tailor made for success. Your routines, your relationships and your unbounded appreciations are all imagined and then realized within limits.

It is here, upon the imposition of boundaries that ingenuity is all pervasive. They are strategy and tact –– where play is practiced, performed, perfected, judiciously and with profound awareness of one’s bounds. To many, it is a place where you stop, to the greats it crafts their brightest, greatest efforts. Borders serve only a decorative touch in charting their road to success.

It lays the foundations of your efforts to abstract, to complicate and be extravagant. Its repression is invitation. Its messaging is to intellectualize, make decided efforts and present success.Limitation’s greatest gift is the shared appreciation of efforts within it and then success despite it.

Its manipulations en route to success are to be marveled at and crystallized for generations to know, recreate and test further.

We are defined by this great boon of limits.
It is meritocratic to first be limited, to then suffer, succeed and be aristocratic.

For aristocracy was its great vision all along, the human mind its canvas.