On Resentment

Resentment offers many perceptive advantages to the illusion that is daily life. Righteousness and moral indignation are platforms upon which a false sense of self is built. It perceives quickly, deliberates faster and concludes long before you prepared for it.

Above all, it escapes all intuition in its presentation and impinges with its perceived corrective lens – a permanence of grandiose nihilist fallacies. The idea of forgiveness so foreign, it is adversarial to sacred grounding sought by the resentful and can never be entertained.

Protected, emboldened, the false ego fixates on affronts of the past; never allowed to become, like a desert he is barren and taken in by the mirage that is redemption, he continues to self-destruct in its pursuit.The arc of character development is forever avoided for the start of a new journey is inconceivable to the troubled mind. The distorted self, all-knowing and all-powerful cannot invite barriers to its grandiosity. In this way, the nascent self is denied from ever emerging.Individuation demands cleansing and then healing of deep wounds on the journey to successful separation but how can a wound that is never acknowledged be cleansed?

“I am strong, I was never hurt.”So painful are the memories of naivety, mere perception of new beginnings are colored with the trauma of such purity where current pains are amplified to unbearable proportions.This is why psychedelics are such an allure. They entertain such possibilities and promise a rebirth of the self; finally allowed to become. Proponents certain of such prognosis turn worshippers and messengers ignorant of current calamity and ailment.

It is almost a shared distortion of pain and its relief. One identifies with it so long it becomes it, while another relieved of its repression, is enamored by the realization. In this dichotomy, there is little room for shared adherence. For one has made it past the realms of conditioned suffering as the state of being whilst another clings to it, in resolution and as means to meet the other. Unbeknownst to the two forgiveness is what binds them, absent intent to confront and on a direct path to transcendence.

You give it all up. No longer are you all powerful, all knowing and clinging to suffering. You submit to its meaninglessness in hope of something better and finally, you are allowed access to positive emotion. This is what religion preaches – Truth of circumstance in stories.