Reclusive Intellectuals

Bright intellectuals are characterized by their reclusiveness. Mysterious and intrepid stimulations through abstraction are far more revealing than pedestrian conversation.

The old adage, “People suck” rings true.

In what is lifetimes ago, for the less gifted, such stimulation was only found in the company of the bright, the judicious all-knowing intellectuals of a time.
Societal goodwill was demanded in the disclosure of deep, elaborate conceptualization –– a social tax if you will.

Validation of precise creative taste has been man’s historic unrelenting need. It touches the metaphysical and with each layer of abstraction grasped, feeds into the imagination. Dreams and deep desire live here and are euthanized outside of it. Modernity artificially borrows from these prophecies enabled by our participant status in the practice of outsourcing intellectual stimulation to creatives promising superlative escape from existence –– a promise-land so far remote and replete with illusory faith and potential. The more distant and wild, the better.

“Take my money.”

Reality is just that distasteful and devoid of faith. Intellectuals have been in the same predicament but it is their ingenuity and restless obsession with the abstract that bring technological and philosophical value. This ‘value’ is the cornerstone to greater abstraction and thus intellectual expression that we are today self-styled experts on.

The most humble and virtuous of our times hold high regard for continuous surging depth and do so at great detriment to socialization. We are all so virtuous, higher imaginative exploration takes primacy over life itself. The ‘alone-ness’ that characterized the greats is bastardized by consumptive abstractions.

Yes, even if it is video games and Netflix. Philosophically, we are a generation of Kants and Einsteins; transcending cognitive limits through mass outsourcing to technology. Surreptitiously we’re deluded by vague captivation and a false escape of the limits of our own wit and then burdened by it. Humility once characterized depth perception in masses devoid of it, today it is monopolized by the individual.

An immaculate buffet, each helping rich and intoxicating to ego in its exposition yet bespoke through concision, it is no wonder human beings cannot compare.

A production so perfect, a cognition so refined and devoid of uncanny emotes… people really do suck.